Motor drive technologies are used for safety-critical aerospace applications, with a particular focus placed on the choice of machines and their drive topologies.

Aircraft applications demand high reliability, high availability, and high power density while aiming to reduce weight, complexity, fuel consumption, operational costs, and environmental impact. New electric driven systems can meet these requirements and also provide significant technical and economic improvements over conventional mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems.

Electronica’s motor technology could aid the making of the “more electric aircraft” a reality. Applications such as the starter generator and auxiliary power unit could benefit from the EMG technology. Again, our patented design allows the use of smaller motors where torque and speed changes are required. These are ideal for aerospace applications where weight reduction is important, as it saves fuel costs and reduces carbon emissions.

We have designed secondary flight control valve actuator motors for various aircraft. We had to increase the safety features on the motor and increase the torque without increasing the overall size of the motor envelope. We managed to achieve this with great success.

The chief design engineer of Moog UK said of us,

We have 45 design engineers in the USA who could not come up with a solution to our problem which you have managed to solve”.