Projects Overview

Our current main project is a unique electric propulsion motor/generator system, focussed initially on the hybrid and electric vehicle market, which is forecast to grow substantially during the next 10 years. Electronica’s patented electronic magnetic gearing (EMG) system is revolutionary as it replaces both the internal combustion engine and the gear box as well, enabling the driving range of full electric vehicles to be increased by 100% in urban driving and 20% in extra-urban driving.

This exciting development is gaining major interest, particularly when compared with the range limitations of current electric vehicle motors. Other significant benefits include an overall production cost saving for OEMs and a 20% carbon reduction. Further, through the low current draw that this motor requires, the life of the car battery is extended.

This project has generated a huge amount of interest from automotive companies including a number of the world’s OEMs. This is an exciting time in the evolution of the electric vehicle market and Electronica is at the forefront of technology development.