Management Team

Nick GrewalCEO & President

Nick is an experienced technology entrepreneur, executive and an investor. He been a founder of a number of successful companies and has invested in over forty high tech companies. He has served on a number of company boards and has been in an advisory role for venture firms in Boston area. He has held various executive positions of companies he has been a founder and also companies that he has been an investor. Nick has been a mentor to a wide range of start-ups across a broad spectrum of technologies. In the 90s he started a successful investment company named Onlake Investments. Prior to Onlake, Nick was founder and CEO of Nashoba Networks which was sold to Cisco Systems for $100 million. He was Vice President at CISCO Systems. Nick lead engineering, business developments and operational teams as an executive at CrossCom, Proteon, Fibronics and Compugraphics..

Nabeel Shirazee – Global Chief Technology Officer & MD

Nabeel graduated from Leicester University in 1990 where he studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering. An M.Sc. in magnetic engineering followed at Cardiff University where he continued his Ph.D. studies and developed a permanent magnet lifting system that was patented by Cardiff University. His keen interest in magnetics led to a patented magnetic levitation system, which was awarded the “World’s No 1 Invention” at INPEX in the USA. In 1999 he founded Electronica, a magnetics research & design consultancy. Since then he has been involved with various challenging projects, including the design of an actuator motor for a British aerospace company. He also licensed the magnetic levitation technology to a Company in France.

Vijay Aggarwal – COO & Vice President of Sales

With experience at board level (both as Managing Director and Financial Director) acquired over 30 years in both private and public companies, Rob is currently Group Chief Accountant at Dovey Group, Cardiff. He has been a member of the Chartered Management Institute since 1983. He has previously worked for GEC Marconi Elliott Avionics; Chalmers Impey Chartered Accountants; Natural Gas Tubes Limited, a member of the Caparo Group; and Decourcy Group, a property developer (Shareholder and Financial Director).